Congrats Katie!

On Sunday, March 10, 2019 one of our Pilates Instructors Katie completed the Women’s Half Marathon in New Orleans, LA. That’s 13.1 miles!!! Go Katie, you rock!!!

Patient Spotlight: Amber C.

Here’s Amber, 5 months pregnant, working on right hip stabilization as she “scooters” with her left leg……pelvic flexion and extension occur during this motion which strengthens her sacroiliac joints which are susceptible to strain during...

Patient Spotlight: Carl C.

Carl C. performing crab walks with a resistance band around his thighs. Carl is a knee patient; during this exercise he is building hip, glute, leg strength, coordination, balance and improving hip/knee...

Patient Spotlight: Russell D.

Meet Russell D! He’s a left post total knee replacement with a history of right total hip and knee replacement Dec 2012. The first photo is Russell’s left knee 6 days post op , Dec 5, 2018, and the second photo was taken 6 days later, Dec 11, 2018! Russell had a late...
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