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About Our Houston Heights Pilates Studio

We are the “original” boutique studio nestled in “The Heights” proper, just 4 blocks off of Heights Blvd. Our classes are diverse in nature; our studio includes Reformers, Towers, Chairs, Pedi-Pole, Mat Work, Props for Fun,, ETC!  We offer  a convenient location and flexible scheduling with affordable classes. We’re open Monday through Friday 7:00am – 7:00pm.

We are staffed with some of the finest Pilates teachers in Houston. We are also staffed with Physical Therapists, who are also Certified Pilates Instructors, just in case you need one! Our Physical Therapists/Certified Pilates Instructors are the most qualified to help those of you with medical histories, chronic injuries and conditions.

We will your well-being, taking proper precautions, and progressing you at a pace best suited for you and your needs.    Our  entire staff is  committed to ongoing continuing education, quality instruction, and attention to detail.

Awesome Abs Total Body Pilates offers personalized privates, and duets upon request; groups include quartet, quintet, and sextet sessions.  We believe a 6:1 ratio is maximum capacity to  produce desired results while ensuring proper technique and your well-being through proper supervision and instruction.   We promote “you get what you pay for” as proven results are “priceless”!

“Our results-oriented mission is to serve you to the best of our ability, in the class size of your choice, and send you out the door feeling better, looking taller, with a smile on your face eager for your next session.”


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2 days ago

AATB Pilates

"I have an extensive medical history and am a cancer survivor. A friend of mine encouraged me to give AATB Pilates a try and I'm so impressed with their operation and instruction." -Kathleen #AATBPilates #TheHeights ... See MoreSee Less

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4 days ago

AATB Pilates

Arnold R, a young man who came to Jennifer Klein Physical Therapy with stiffness in his neck, upper back, and low back, on his first Pilates class: "That was amazing! I'm feeling great." #AATBPilates #TheHeights ... See MoreSee Less

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My Pilates session was great – my abs were still sore yesterday! I’m looking forward to our next session, and I’m confident it will help strengthen the weakness in my back from scoliosis and make me more flexible.

Allyson S

After four visits with Jennifer to work on my knee, I joined the Pilates classes to improve my flexibility and core strength. Not only that, Pilates has helped further improve my knee, and I just got back from skiing!

Cody F.

I came to Jennifer Klein Physical Therapy for back pain and she successfully resolved my back pain. Pilates was part of my physical therapy and now that I’m done with my PT I do Pilates. The instructors at AATB Pilates are so in tune with what I should and should not be doing regarding my back. I recognize every day how much stronger I am and I give credit to the physical therapy and instructors at Jennifer Klein AATB Pilates.

Libby P.

I fell off the step stool over Christmas holiday with a vase in my hand, and in effort to save the vase I landed on my seat! I stood up and was fine due to my Pilates training my body knows how to protect and support itself even in times of potential harm.

Elena C.

Since I started Pilates, running no longer tightens my back and after running an hour I can come home and squat to do yard work.



I transitioned from Physical Therapy to Pilates due to a low back injury.  I feel so much better; I have lost significant weight.  I am stronger too!

Connie R.

Following one private Pilates session with Jennifer Klein, certified Pilates instructor and physical therapist,  I felt very good.  During my session she introduced my to the half foam roller and stretch strap with loops both of which she taught me how to use.  We focused on increasing my shoulder mobility and hamstring flexibility.  I loved the half roll and can’t wait to have one for home.  It was a great session.

Mike M.

I’m very impressed with the PT and Pilates work Jennifer has done with my parents My mom is 90-year-old and my father is 86-years-old and I already notice improvement from both of them after 3 visits.

Donna A.

The classes at AATB have helped me get into shape; I’m a young mother with two toddlers.

Katy T.

I’m an anesthesiologist and have been suffering back pain for well over a year now. After two to three cupping and needling sessions followed by a consistent Pilates routine, my back pain is gone. Jennifer’s application of her PT knowledge to her Pilates training is the best!

LuAnn A.

AATB Pilates is a bar above all other studios I’ve tried out. The difference is the attention the staff pays to me while doing Pilates. They watch with a keen eye and provide individual tips not only to me but I noticed to other people in the class. I feel like I get more results because of their attention. I returned to AATB Pilates because the small price difference is worth it to me.

Melissa M.

I broke my arm in four places. Jennifer Klein Physical Therapy and Pilates has helped me regain function in my arm and I look forward to playing tennis again.

Patty W.

This is the first time I have taken Pilates where I felt like I actually used my muscles! Thank you for a great workout Jennifer! I feel fantastic!

Trudi L.

I could feel the difference and so could my massage therapist and she said my butt was lifted. I feel stronger and I can do things I haven’t been able to do in a long time!

Shannon M.

I have enjoyed working with you and your wonderful staff.  Pilates training was something new for me and I know that I chose the right place.

Trena J.

I can’t say enough about the gains I’ve made with Jennifer in Pilates. Post my total hip replacement, I’ve gained strength and can walk normally without my cane.

Roger C.

I work in oil and gas and my neck and shoulders are so tight from the stress and on going computer work. My right arm aches and often times my hand tingles and turns numb. I went to Jennifer for Physical Therapy; she did cupping and needling and gave me exercises that I can do at work. I no longer have pain all day and now enjoy doing Pilates at her studio as well.

Esra V.

After one session of Pilates with Jennifer at AATB, I used muscles I never knew I had.

Terah Klein-Tower

This is fantastic! I love doing Pilates here at AATB! It’s the best thing that has come to the neighborhood!

Marian S.

I started Pilates with significant weakness and lack of function in my right arm due to an old injury.  Pilates with Jennifer has turned that around for me.

Jaimie M.

I transitioned from Physical therapy to Pilates due to a low back injury.  I’ve lost inches and my clothes fit better now.

Danielle T.

I have been keeping up with Pilates regularly and have also been following Coach Lisa’s 5K Run Club training.  The combination of interval runs and Pilates is doing a lot of good for me!

Adrian M.

I just got started with AATB Pilates and I love it – their attention to detail and level of knowledge is exceptional.

Jeana H.

I was really sore in my abdominals after my first reformer workout at AATB Pilates! Great workout!

Renee H.

I transitioned from Physical therapy into Pilates for my frozen shoulder; I felt sore all over after my first visit and it was wonderful to realize I was capable of working out again.

Jen C.

I came to Pilates with an old ankle injury; post surgery due to a hiking injury.  Jennifer helped me regain my range of motion, strength and balance.

Denise L.

The attention to detail, quality, and expertise surpassed my expectations at AATB Pilates!

Jen W.

After one cupping and needling session and one Pilates class I was actually able to pull my luggage through the airport, take a two-hour flight and enjoy family reunion complete with dancing!  I can’t wait for my next Physical Therapy visit and Pilates class!

Loretta A.

As a result of having a couple of babies I suffered from Diastasis Recti.  After 8 visits of Pilates at AATB I could feel and see the difference in my upper abs.  I am no longer able to insert my fingers into my abdominal cavity like I could previously.

Tanya B.

“I must be right. Never an aspirin. Never injured a day in my life. The whole country, the whole world, should be doing my exercises. They’d be happier.”

– Joseph Pilates, age 86


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